MFA, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California

                            painting and design

                         Ph.D, New York University, New York, 

                            Interdisciplinary Program:

                            creative art, science, contemporary art history



                         MOMA, New York, NY

                         Phillips collection, Washington, DC

                         The  Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

                         TEKNISKA MUSEET  (National Museum of Science & Technology)  

                               Stockholm, SE

                         Ecole Polytechique, Paris, FR

                         MAMCO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Geneva, CH 

                         Smithsonian Ameran Art Museum, Washington, D.C. 

                         The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO

                         National Museum of Fine Art, Valetta, MT

                         University of Sydney, AU 

                         British Museum, London, UK

                         Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, FR

                         Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

                         Scripps College, Claremont, CA

                         Baker Art Museum, Naples, FL

                         Overlook Hospital, Summit, NJ

                         Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA

                         Brotherhood Synagogue, New York, NY

                         Capitol Sports Inc., Stamford, CT

                         Private Art Collection, La Roche/ Lausanne, CH

                         Neuberger Museum, State University of New York,

                               Purchase, NY

                         New York Pubic Library, New York, NY

                         Mitsui Fudosan America, NJ

                         National Gallery of Art, Rome, IT

                                                        SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS

            2021     Politecnico of University of Milan, " XXVI Generative Art 2021"

                       "Nature as a Strategy for Pattern Formation in  Art" , (sequel ), PPT & pub.                                         Organizers: Celestino Soddu & Enrica Colabella.Caligari, Sardinia,IT remote

            2021     Visual Arts Center New Jersey, Summit, NJ

            2021.     Artis-Naples. Baker Museum: Featured Artist Irene Rousseau 

            2020      JCAST   

                              Live Zoom presentation: " Patterns in Nature Inspire my Art"

                             Art Productions House Sponsors: Cultural Affairs Jersey City.NJ. 

            2011     AIEMA, International Conference, Princeton University, NJ    

            2006     NJIT, Weston Art Gallery, Newark, NJ

            2006     Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

            2005     Athens: "SCIENCE and ART FESTIVAL" International-Interdisciplinary

                              Exhibit/Conference, invited artist, Athens, GR

            2002     University of Sydney, Sydney, AU

            1999     University of Lausanne, La Grange Art Gallery, Lausanne, CH

            1997     Wignacourt Museum  Exhibition and lecture,"Mathematics throughout the

                            History of Art", MT

            1995     Concert Hall, mosaic mural installation, La Roche/Lausanne, CH

            1993     Overlook Hospital, Lobby Child Care Center, mosaic mural installation,

                              Summit, NJ

            1986     Brotherhood Synagogue, Garden of Remembrance, Mosaic Mural

                              Installation, Gramercy Park, New York , NY

                                                     SELECTED JURIED GROUP EXHIBITION 

           2023      Mattatuck Museum, "Blurring Boundaries:Women American Abstract Artists"  ,                                   Waterbury, CT

           2022      LSU Museum of Art, "Blurring Boundaries: Women AAA",Baton Rouge, LA

         2021     AMS/MAA, joint mathematics, "Exhibition Mathematical Art"

            2021     South Bend Museum of Art, "Blurring Boundaries: The Women of the American                                Abstract Artists", traveling exhibit, IND

            2021     Baker Museum, Naples , FL

            2020     Hofstra University Art Museum , 8 selected artists,                                                                                   Uncharted :American Abstraction in the Information Age",

                          Hempstead, NY

            2020     Visual Arts Center New Jersey, Summit, NJ 

            2020     AMS/MAA, Joint mathematics "Exhibition Mathematical Art"

                              Denver Convention Center, CO

            2020     Montclair Art Museum, Exhibition and Video, Montclair, NJ

            2019     Mathematical Society, JMM, "Exhibition of Mathematical Art".

                              Convention Center,Baltimore, MD

            2019     TEKNISKA MUSEET, National Museum of Science and Technology,

                              Stockholm, SE

            2019      AMS/MAA joint  mathematics,  "Exhibitition Mathematical Art"

                               Baltimore Convention Center, MD

            2019     Tower Fine Arts Gallery,"Blurring Boundaries: Continuity to Change",

                              The Women of AAA, Brockport, NY

            2019     Visual Arts Center NJ, "Collectors Choice", Summit, NJ          

            2018-19 Naples /Baker Museum of Art, Naples, FL

            2018      Clara M. Eagle Gallery, Murray State Univ. KY

            2017     AMS/MAA joint mathematics, "Exhibition Mathematical Art",

                              Atlanta, GA

             2017     Monmouth Museum,"Hope for the Holidays", & Quick Time audio,

                                Monmouth, NJ

             2016     University of Tennessee, Ewing Art Gallery, Utk "Blurring Boundaries: Women                                     of the American Abstract Artists" traveling exhibit, TN

             2016     Shirley Fiterman Gallery, “Chromatic Space”, American Abstract Artists,

                               Manhattan Community College, NY

             2016     UBS Gallery, International“The Onward of Art", New York, NY

             2016     Morris-Warrren Gallery,“Visible Histories”, New York, NY

             2015     Morgan Stanley Global Headquarters, “Sensory Impact”, AAA,

                                Purchase, NY

             2015     BRIDGES math/art, University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

             2015     BRIDGES, Towson University, Towson, MD

             2014     Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

             2014     AMS/MAA joint mathematics, "Exhibition Mathematical Art",

                               Baltimore, MD

             2013     BRIDGES math/art, University Twente and Saxion University, Enschede,

                                the NL 

             2013     American Institute of Architects NY, Juried designs for public spaces

             2012     BRIDGESs math/art, Towson University, Towson, MD

             2011     OK Harris Gallery, American Abstract Artists, New York, NY

             2011     Crane Art Center, Icebox Gallery, "Power of Infinity”, AAA, 

                               Philadelphia, PA                        

             2006     Yellow Bird Gallery, “Optical Stimulations”, AAA, New York, NY

             2005     BRIDGES, Banff Art Center, “Renaissance Banff”, Alberta, CA        

             2005     Ecole Polytechnique, “Art and Mathematique “

                               The Ministère of Culture of France, Traveling Exhibit, Paris, FR 

             2005     Ringling School of Art, “ MathArt/Artmath”, Selby Art Gallery,

                               Sarasota, FL  

             2005     AMS/MAA joint mathematics, "Exhibition of Mathematical Art", Atlanta 

                               Convention Center, Atlanta, GA  

             2004     Polytechnic Institute Freiburg, BRIDGES International Conference, 

                                Freiburg, DE

             2004     ISAMA, International Society of Arts, Mathematics and Architecture, 

                               Freiburg, De

              2003     BRIDGES, University of Granada, Granada, ESP           

              2001     BRIDGES, Southwestern College, Winfield, KY

              2001     AIEMA, International Conference, Ecole Française de Rome, IT               

              1997     Malta Biennale, International,  juror, Dame Franscoise Tempra, MT         


                                                    SELECTED JURIED PUBLICATIONS and LECTURES

              2021     University of Milan, XXIV Generative Art 2021. Sardinia, IT

                              pub,  powerpoint lecture, "Nature as Strategy for Pattern Formation in                                            Art", (sequel).  Organizer Celestino Soddu, remote,        

              2015     BRIDGES, International Interdisciplinary Conference, "Nature as a Strategy

                                 for Pattern  Formation in Art", pub.Proceedings, University of Maryland,

                                 Baltimore, MD

              2013     BRIDGES, University Twente and Saxion University, "Uncertainty of Structure,

                                Quantity and Space as our Reality", pub. Proceedings,

                                 Enschede, the NL

              2011     AIEMA, International Conference, "Mathematical Connections in Mosaic Art",

                                Princeton University, NJ

              2009     ISAMA, University of Albany, "Art as a Metaphor for the Fourth-Dimension",

                                Proceedings, Albany, NY 

              2006     NJIT, Weston Art Gallery, "Mathematical Influences in My Work", NJ

              2006     Colorado College, "Power of Patterns", Colorado Springs, CO

              2005     Athens, SCIENCE & ART FESTIVAL:, International-Interdisciplinary Conference,

                                 "The Language of Abstraction", HERCMA Greek,English,                                                         Athens, GR

              2005     BRIDGES, Banff Art Center, RENAISSANCE BANFF, "Mosaic Art from

                                 Pebbles to Pixels", pub. Proceedings, Alberta, CA        

              2004     BRIDGES, Polytechnic Institute Freiburg, International Conference, 

                                Freiburg, DE

                            ISAMA, International Society of Arts, Mathematics and Architecture, 

                                "Mathematical Connections in Mosaic Art", Freiburg, DE

              2003     BRIDGES, University of Granada, "Geometric Mosaic Tiling on Hyperbolic

                                 Sculptures", Granada, ESP

              2002     University of Sydney, School of Art, "Mathematical Connections in Art",

                                 Sydney, AU

              2002     ISAMA, Polytechnic Institute, "Perception and Paradox as Process and 

                                Product", Freiburg, DE

              2001     BRIDGES, Towson University, "Spectral Light as Sculptured Space",

                                pub.Proceedings, Towson, MD

              2001     AIEMA IX, International Conference, Ecole Francaise de Rome, "Mosaic Art

                                as a Metaphor for Concepts of Science and Mathematics",

                                pub.Proceedings, Rome, IT 

              2001     Hillwood Art Museum, Long Island University, " Mathematical Connections

                                 in Contemporary Art", Brookville, NY    

              1999     BRIDGES, Southwestern College, "Math at the Service of Meaning Links

                                 Between Geometry, Mythology and Philosophy in Mosaic Art ",

                                 pub. Proceedings, Winfield, KS

              1999     VisMath, University of California, Berkeley, CA           

              1999     AIEMA VIII International Conference, "Ancient Medium Modern Expression",                                         pub. Proceedings, University of Lausanne,

              1997     Wignacourt Museum ,"Mathematics throughout the History of Art",

                                 Rabat, Malta 

              1994     AIANJ,"Mosaic Renaissance in Architecture", AIA Rostrum, Newark &

                                 Suburban Chapter. NJ



                         Concert Hall, mosaic mural, La Roche/ Lausanne, Switzerland

                         Holocaust Memorial, mosaic mural, Brotherhood Synagogue, Garden 

                              of Remembrance, Gramercy Park, New York, NY

                         Overlook Hospital, mosaic mural, Child Care Center, Summit, NJ                                                       Beacon Hill Country Club, paintings, installation, Summit, NJ                                                             Capital Sports Inc.,7 painted metal wall relief sculptures, 

                              Stamford, CT  


                         Art Biennale Malta, First Prize Installation, Malta

                         American Institute of Architects, AIA/NJ ,Design Presentation Award

                         Ministry of Cultural Affairs & Poincare Institute, Paris, France,

                             Selected Artist Traveling Exhibit

                         Hillwood Museum, Harold Berg, Endowment, invited artist lecturer,

                              New York.

                         Lehman Artist . Lecturer/ exhibiting artist, Morristown Beard,

                              Morristown , NJ

                         Visual Arts Center NJ, "Collectors Choice", Summit, NJ