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                 Hyperbolic space is a mathematical concept of a                                      homogeneous negative curvature of space,

      that represents the concept of infinity at the circumference.

                       The curvature results in stretched shapes






SmaGeometric Artll Title

I001Hyperbolic Geom.   Hyperbolic.Geom..             003 Hyperbolic Geom.-

2 Metamorphosis               003 Hyperbolic Geom.      1333 Hyperbolic Geom.

1334 Hyperbolic Geom.  1390 Hyperbolic Geom.   1335 Hyperbolic Geom.             

1349 Hyperbolic Gom.     1342 Hyperbolic Geom     1343 Hyperbolic Geom.

                   Custom glass, hand-made mosaic Hyperbolic sculptures

          001-003.diam.23.5", approx. 8,300-8,900 hand cut mosaic pieces.

         1333-1390 diam.18", 1349, 16" diam. approx. 2,297-2985 hand-cut

                             mosaic pieces. individual sculptures vary.


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1335"Hyperbolic Mosaic Sculpture"

Venetian glass,18"diam, on wood, sculpture