EXPRESSIVE IDEAS

                                                                        "We live in a world of patterns."   


My creative work is inspired by my observation and analysis of patterns in natural forms. Nature reveals the seen and hidden patterns in our universe.  Patterns are complex observable systems that have a mathematical formal order.

My paintings show patterns that are inspired by natural forms. Color is an important component of my work. Color perception is a series of wavelengths of light that our brain processes. We experience different wavelengths as different colors. My sculptures show patterns in a negative curvature of space. It is a hyperbolic space which is a concept of space/time. It has three dimensions plus the element of time. It is also a concept of infinity, that is unlimited and can never be reached. My drawings show fractal patterns and self-similarity. The same shape is repeated on a different scale.

Mathematics and art are two different non-verbal languages. My works bridge the disciplines between mathematics and art. We relate to math/art on an intellectual and emotional level. It stretches our knowledge and challenges our pre-conceived concepts of paradigms. It allows us to communicate on a non-verbal level.


                                                              CULTURAL EXPERIENCES

I have experienced many adventures doing research in foreign countries: learned about Dot paintings and their significance

from the Aboriginal people in Australia; researched various painting techniques used in Renaissance art in Italy; trained at the Vatican's private mosaic department where priests were busily engaged in producing magnificent mosaics in a technique unique to the Vatican; trained at mosaic studios in Italy; became totally immersed in creating my own mosaic art; the long drive from Istanbul to Ankara and Cappadocia enabled me to view breathtaking ancient mosaics and architecture; some were inlay of glazed ceramics others were Seljuk patterns carved in stucco. On my way from Istanbul to Bulgaria, I learn about ancient geometric patterns and their significance in mosques.

Yes, my journeys were scholarly adventures...I traveled alone on an unchartered path.