INTEREST in PATTERNS

                                                                                    "We live in a world of patterns."                              

My creative work is inspired by my observation and analysis of patterns in natural forms. Geometry is the vocabulary of nature. It is a clear and universal language of communication. It reveals the seen and hidden patterns in our universe Patterns are complex observable systems that have a mathematical formal order. My interest is to bridge the disciplines between mathematics and art and to metaphorically represent the concepts to create art. We relate to math/art

on an intellectual and emotional level. It stretches our knowledge and challenges our pre-conceived concepts of paradigms.

It allows us to communicate on a non-verbal level.




Geometry: Is a clear, universal language. The vocabulary of nature. It reveals the seen and hidden patterns in our universe.

Patterns: are complex observable systems of a mathematical formal order, may be visible or hidden from the naked eye.

Color: is an important component of my work. Color perception is a series of wavelengths of light that our brain processes.

We experience different wavelengths as different colors. Geometry with color defines the pictorial space.

Line: is a progression of points moving in space over time. Markings represent transition and change. 

Space: our understanding of space is a perceptual and intellectual knowledge. It is observable in the structure of nature,

and of planets and the arrangement of the spiral galaxy. In curved hyperbolic space, which is non-Euclidean, is the concept

of space/time. It is the Fourth-dimension which is three dimensional space plus time.

Time: is represented as the concept of infinity. It describes something that is unlimited and can never be reached. 

                                                             CULTURAL EXPERIENCES

I have experienced many adventures doing research in foreign countries: learned about Dot paintings and their significance

from the Aboriginal people in Australia; trained at the Vatican's private mosaic department where priests were busily engaged in producing magnificent mosaics in a technique unique to the Vatican; trained at mosaic studios in Italy; became totally immersed in creating my own mosaic art; the long drive from Istanbul to Ankara and Cappadocia enabled me to view breathtaking ancient mosaics and architecture; some were inlay of glazed ceramics others were Seljuk patterns carved in stucco. On my way from Istanbul to Bulgaria, I learn about ancient geometric patterns and their significance in mosques.

Yes, my journeys were scholarly adventures...I traveled alone on an unchartered path.